The Project

UPDATE: SCA Rated - #1 Highest Number of Children Targeted in Juba (Read Performance Rate Matrix Here)

Overall Objective

Provide regular protection support and conduct monitoring, reporting, and referral violation of child rights, situation of children affected by conflict, violence, displacement, and returnee transit centre in Juba as well as ensure that the returnees feel welcomed and are aware of risk of prevailing situation within their new environment.

Our Purpose

Street Children Aid (SCA) is a South Sudanese non-profit that works in the area of child protection.

When the violence broke out in Juba in December 2013 and people affected by the conflict sought protection inside the UN Bases in Juba, SCA was one of the first agencies to respond.

The purpose of the child friendly spaces is to provide psychosocial support & recreational activities to mitigate stress among children and young people living in the IDP camps.

In any emergency, providing children with educational activities gives them a sense of normalcy in the face of much disruption, chaos and loss.

At this point there is not formal education taking place, although there are plans to start classes soon.

When speaking to the children, especially the older ones; EDUCATION is the priority.

Now entering the fourth month of the crisis, these children have missed 1-2 months of school and the idea of falling behind is an added stress to their difficult situation.

Specific Objectives

Protection & Psycho-Social Support

To provide protection, psycho-social support and awareness on child rights to returnees and other vulnerable children and monitoring, reporting and referral of Violation of Child rights through Child Friendly Spaces Activities

Protect Vulnerable Children

Conduct protection monitoring of vulnerable children, identify children with specific needs and provide support through referrals and family/community mediations.

Family Tracing and Reunification

Identify, register and document cases of separated and unaccompanied children and refer these cases to responsible agencies (UNICEF, MOSD, and Non – violent Peace force) through the Family Tracing Network for family tracing and reunification.

Child Friendly Space at the Juba Way Station

Strengthen the Child Friendly Space at the Juba Way Station and establish new CFS in Teacher Training Institute (TTI) and organize age appropriate services for children in the transit centres.

Return Separated Children

Work with temporary foster cares of separated children their return plans to their areas of origin and the implications for the separated children. Ensure that appropriate documentation on areas of returns is made to facilitate future family tracing.

Identify Child Returnees

Work with IOM and other agencies to identify separated and unaccompanied children referred by the tracing network from Sudan and ensure that they benefit from services provided to the general returnee’s population.

Family Activities

Conduct recreational, psycho-social, and non-learning formal activities through the CFS with the involvement of the families. Organize activities according to age groups of children.

Facilitating Change

Ms. Orit, a resource worker from IsraAID, facilitates a gender-based violence training seminar to community leaders as part of an effort to reduce GBV in South Sudan

Areas for Improvement

There is specific lack of community awareness about female children and gender education in the state. The capacity of both the National and State governments to provide these basic services to its citizens is currently limited, and the need to integrate returnees into host communities poses a huge challenge for both the Government and the International community. Not only is access to these services a human right and the key to South Sudan’s successful development, but in a region where peace is so fragile, communities need to feel that they are adequately served, protected and that these solutions are sustainable in order to avoid a descent back into conflict.

In a region where peace is so fragile, communities need to feel that they are adequately served, protected and that these solutions are sustainable in order to avoid a descent back into conflict.

Therefore, the purpose of this project is to address the issue of returnee children as well as young people and respond to children’s rights to protection, psycho-social well-being, formal education and disaster risk reduction.

Help SCA to protect and support South Sudanese Children