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UPDATE: SCA Rated - #1 Highest Number of Children Targeted in Juba (Read Performance Rate Matrix Here)

Street Children Aid

Children returning to South Sudan wait in a shelterStreet Children Aid (SCA) is an indigenous, non-governmental and not-for-profit organization formed by Sudanese nationals.

SCA was registered under the South Sudan NGOs Act 2003 through the Ministry of Legal affairs and Constitutional Development.

SCA is also registered under the South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (section 112 of the New Sudan Act 1999).

As well, SCA was also registered with the Government of Southern Sudan in the year 2010 with its head office in Juba.

South Sudan History

The Republic of South Sudan has suffered many years of war that have left a legacy of chronic poverty in many parts of the country, with the limited infrastructure that did not exist now completely devastated and a government with limited capacity or resources to assume responsibility for delivery of basic services. The war claimed nearly 2 million lives and left an estimated 4 million people internally displaced (IDP) as refugees within Sudan and neighboring Countries.

The war claimed nearly 2 million lives and left an estimated 4 million people internally displaced.

With the Independence of The Republic of South Sudan in July 9th 2011, those who were IDPs and refugees in the neighboring countries returned home either spontaneously or assisted by the government and the international Community. Since the late October 2010, more than 37,500 people have returned to South Sudan from Sudan.

South Sudan Today

It is estimated that there are still 500,000 South Sudanese in Sudan. Many of these people are likely to return to South Sudan, including a substantial number of children needing protection and assistance at transit centres and way stations.

In May, the Kosti Way station in Sudan, which hosted more than 12,000 people, closed resulting in more people arriving in south Sudan. As of May 30, 984 people have been airlifted to Juba, most of which were children. These children currently stay at the identified transit sites in Juba.

The need to integrate returnees into host communities poses a huge challenge for both the Government and the International community.

Children needing protection are returning to South Sudan every day.

The number of returnees from 2005 to 2012 has steadily increased.  These people are now in various parts of South Sudan and Juba City.  This has placed additional pressure on the countries’ resources, in which existing residents struggle to access basic services such as healthcare, education and water.

An ongoing crisis

Over 700,00 people are internally displaced in South Sudan, over 200,00 have fled to neighboring countries. OCHA is stating that 4.9 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance, many of them are women and children.

It is estimated that there are nearly 400,000 children displaced in South Sudan due to the current crisis.

SCA is running 6 child friendly spaces in the 2 UN camps as well as 1 at the Juba way station. Over 7,000 children in both camps are accessing the spaces daily. The children come to the spaces to play, interact with each other and pass time in a safe place with people who are aware of their needs and provide them with support.

The spaces include a fenced in area and a tent to shelter the children from the sun and soon rain. Outside there is also an area for sports, where the children play football, netball and skip rope. The children are supervised by the SCA facilitators and community volunteers, who engage them in activities and offer support. Over 150 children filled the space, some playing inside with blocks, clay, reading books, copying lessons from the blackboard, while others played sports outside.

John Kerry, 68th United States Secretary of State visits.

Our Team

Charles Wani

Founder / Executive Director

Responsible for the organization’s consistent achievement of its mission and financial objectives. Provides leadership in developing the program.

Modong Selina

Financial officer/Accountant

Provides financial information to management by researching and analyzing accounting data.

Taban Michael Lomena

Child Protection Coordinator

The first point of contact for any concerns regarding child protection. Advocating the importance of Child Protection to partners and customers and promoting best safeguarding practice across the wider partnership network.

Amanda Wilma Gibson

Social Worker

Provides psychosocial support, counseling and offers advice to the parents of the children. Raise awareness on prevention of violence and separation, on land mines, UXO, identification and  referral mechanism.

John Robert Lokong

Project Manager

Serves as a mediator between executives and numerous staff members employed. In charge of planning, implementing and executing specific organization goals or policies.

Otim David Okwir Oketa

Chair person MEGA Independent Association (children groups) & Sports and Culture

Provides opportunities for participation in sport for all sections of the community. Coordinating, delivering and promoting relevant activities, classes and events.

Jackline Kapuke

Social Worker / Video & Film Producer

Provides psychosocial support, counseling and offers advice to the parents of the children. Family tracing and re-unification or find an alternative care for separated children, juveniles justice and social services.

Community Volunteers

Deng resides in the camp and is one of the community volunteers who comes daily to support the children. He graduated secondary school in Uganda and had come back to Juba recently. He says some of the children he works with now, he used to see playing in the neighborhood where he lived. He says

‘It is not easy to stay here and to see the children in such a situation, but we do our best, it is important to give the children something positive in this difficult environment’.

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